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Welcome to the Highland Park Elementary Library

  • Welcome to our library - a place to read a rainbow of books. Find a story to get lost in. Or learn about something new.

    Classes visit each week. Some classes get daily deliveries of requested books. 

    Students in grades 1 - 5 are able to check out two books at a time. Kindergarten students pick one book. PreK checks out one book and those books stay in the classroom.

    If you have a Highland Park Elementary library book, we really would love to have it returned to its home.

    Don't forget, we also have ebooks available through Mackin and also through the Saint Paul Public Library.

Reading Resources

Looking for something to read online? Visit these resources.

about any database -  






about all of the reading databases 


Research Resources

Want to learn something new? Explore these resources. 

about any database -  


tap  for guide or  for tutorial video.









about all of the research databases


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Susan Watson
Library Teaching Assistant

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