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Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade at Highland Park Elementary School!

There are three sections of second grade, Mr. Knowland's class, Ms. Lowrey's and Mrs. Blat's class.  We are located in the primary hallway.

There are 6 Units of Inquiry in second grade:

Sharing the Planet

“The 4 Rs”

Central Idea:

Human Actions impact the environment.

Key Concepts:

Connection, Causation, Responsibility, Reflection

Related Concepts:

Impact, Interdependence, Initiative, Custodianship

Lines of Inquiry:

    *Human impact     *Waste & Energy Reduction

*Garbage Management     *Properties of Waste

Who We Are

“Step Up to the Plate”

Central Idea:

Nutrition and exercise balance a healthy lifestyle.

Key Concepts:

Causation, Function, Responsibility, Reflection

Related Concepts:

Behavior, Consequences, Impact, Initiative

Lines of Inquiry:

*Effects of geography and culture on food choices


*Physical Activity

Where We are in Place and Time

“Mapping - Lost and Found”

Central Idea:

Maps, signs, and symbols communicate local and global information.

Key Concepts:

Connection, Form, Function, Perspective

Related Concepts:

Features, Operations, Systems

Lines of Inquiry:

*Purpose of maps

*Maps represent information

*Signs and symbols

How We Express Ourselves

“Lights, Camera, Action!”

Central Idea:

Stories are told in a variety of ways.

Key Concepts:

Function, Perspective, Connection, Responsibility

Related Concepts:

Initiative, Modification, Sequences

Lines of Inquiry:

*Elements of a story

*Storyteller’s perspective influences understanding

*The roles of music, costumes, props, scenery, and expressions

How We Organize Ourselves

“Community Faces and Places”

Central Idea:

People contribute to the development of society.

Key Concepts:

Causation, Change, Responsibility, Reflection

Related Concepts:

Adaptation, Citizenship, Impact

Lines of Inquiry:

*The reasons people live in communities

*Different types of communities

*Community members

How the World Works


Central Idea:

Plants are essential to life.

Key Concepts:

Change, Causation, Function, Form

Related Concepts:

Cycles, Adaptation, Patterns

Lines of Inquiry:

*Structure and Function of Plants

*Life Cycles

*Plant Adaptations


We look forward to an exciting year!