Mrs. Vogelgesang

Mrs. V's Special Edition!

Expecting a Little Boy

As most of you know, my family and I are expecting a little boy in March. This is wonderful news alone, but last year we suffered two losses during the school year, so this is a feeling we just can't describe. Our daughter, Adelle, is also beyond excited and enjoys talking and singing to him and feeling him move around.

My due date is Friday, March 18th... the Friday conference day. As of right now, I am planning on being here for conferences that day, though if you would like to schedule your conference a DIFFERENT day (NOT one of the other conference days), please let me know. I will do my best to meet with all families!

Joining me at conferences, our conference prep day, and periodiocally before I leave, will be my guest teacher. Her name is Simone Schneider and she is already familiar with HPE, some families, the students, and our program. She was a student teacher with Ms. Napierala during the fall and has been in our room to observe quite a bit. Ms. Napierala was very impressed with her skills and highly recommended her for this position. You will be able to meet her on the scheduled conference days. If you have a Friday conference time and reschedule, I can not guarantee Ms. Schneider will be there.

I will be out from whenever our son arrives until the middle of May. I have chosen to be out this long to keep from disturbing the students during MCA testing. As it stands now, Ms. Schneider will be here about a month before testing through the end of the state testing period. This will give her time to build a better rapport with the students before testing and support them through the process of actually taking the test. If I come back before testing is complete, we run the risk of disturbing the educational flow they will have built and I want to make sure our students do their best!

Thank you for being understanding and supportive during this time. I know it’s difficult when a teacher goes on leave, but I know your students will be well taken care of and will continue to learn! I will check my email throughout my leave, just not daily. Please feel free to email and when the day draws nearer, we will communicate how to contact Ms. Schneider.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! If you have any questions, please let me know! 



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